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 We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have pertaining to any of your needs involving areas in accounting systems, resolution of tax assessment by the IRS or State Department of Revenue, assistance in disputes over your tax filing, education on tax claims, etc. 
It would be our pleasure to help you with accounting services, to represent you before taxing authorities on your behalf maintaining your best interest regarding disputed issues or to advise you on tax consideration including estate planning, business formation, financial planning, etc.
It is important to comply with the laws and regulations promulgated by the federal and state government as well as maximize our clients’ financial interest. Accordingly, we inform our clients of accounting regulations, tax statutes and policies that are applicable in their particular situation and how such regulations in place affect their personal and commercial finances and tax consequences.   Furthermore, we are also capable of supporting our clients on an international level of taxation with sound experience and extensive involvement to work directly with the international taxing authorities. Our desire is to address our clients’ financial state of affairs as if they were our own personal matters with the true professional administrative standard and personal care as a highly recognized professional tax institution. 

Why Use Us?


 The experiences and expertise of Boston Tax International, Inc. will provide you with the best professional accounting and tax services possible, which is a decision you will truly not regret.
Every client is important to us and every step of procedures is processed with our personal touch and our meticulous review policy, ensuring we absolutely achieve the most thorough accounting and tax practice so that we can provide our clients with the confidence of meeting their complete satisfaction which will always remain our number one goal. So, kindly reflect on our motto. If you are looking for a company which considers their clients to receive the best quality accounting and tax services available for their business and individual circumstances, please take the time to allow us to prove it. Our success rate of providing our clients with the remarkable accuracy and compliance along with the proficient results in managing their business or individual accounting and tax situations is exactly what makes us the perfectly qualified company for you. In fact, we are ever rapidly continuing to grow and nevertheless have sustained the highest excellence of professional services to our long standing clients and provide the same exact personal touch to our newest clients as well as our long time faithful loyal ones. Therefore, let us state precisely and clearly that there is no challenge too overwhelming or too difficult for us to address promptly on your behalf and resolve in your best interest.
For the benefit of our clients, we pledge that we will provide the finest quality accounting services as well as research every avenue possible and available from the federal and state government that leads to a resolution for your tax issues and concerns. 

Our Company


Our firm is located in Boston and Lawrence. We specialize in tax consultation and accounting management for businesses and individuals. The services are designed to provide each client with a one on one consultation with respect to their individual situations. With a strong understanding of business management in conjunction with extensive experiences in accounting and taxation practice, we are in a solid position to design and implement comprehensive solutions to meet client needs. Our skillful and analytical models have brought numerous companies and individuals a great amount of tax saving, management cost saving and increase in business efficiency.    We have remarkable experiences in taxation, accounting and finance, and always take the interest of our clients as a priority and provide the best option for them. We always try to make ourselves available any time you wish to contact us.  


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